Anonymous Bigot Snowflakes Protest Homosexuality, Islam and Slutty, Drunk Women at Philadelphia University

A group of self-proclaimed religious protesters have upset a number of people during a protest at a university in Philadelphia.

The anonymous group shouted abuse at students in a tirade aimed at Islam, homosexuality and feminists. Definitely not Christian demonstrators so…

The Triangle reports:

A religious group exercised its freedom of speech Jan. 24 with a demonstration in front of MacAlister Hall that led to verbal confrontations with dozens of students.

The demonstrators, who identified themselves only as “Bible believers,” have a church in North Philadelphia. They declined to give The Triangle the name or give the location of their church for safety reasons.

For the entirety of the demonstration, members of the church spoke into a megaphone. Topics included Islam, Christianity, homosexuality, feminism and the millennial generation.

“With a Muslim, if you don’t believe [in Islam], they’re going to kill you. Off with your head, that’s their motto,” protestor R.D. spoke into the megaphone. “And the MSA — the Muslim Student Association — which is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an associate of [the Council on American-Islamic Relations] and Hamas, these terrorist organizations are at this university. MSA, the Muslim Student Association is a terrorist organization that is … working to infiltrate the university, and to ultimately bring Shariah Law.”

The demonstrators had informed the Philadelphia Police Department that they would begin their sermon at noon and it in turn alerted Drexel Public Safety. Both were present at the event in case of serious escalation or confrontation.

While police kept the event from escalating to physical confrontation, there were many verbal exchanges between demonstrators and students.

“A girl came up and basically said ‘you guys are messed up’, and they called [out] her leggings and said that she was a slut … and that ‘you’re so self-conscious that you have to wear this type of clothing,’” Billy McCullough, an environmental science major, recalled. “And then she cried and walked away.”

Feigning surprise at how they were greeted, protester Sister Mary said:

“We get punched; we get hit; we get spit on; we get drinks thrown on us; we went through it all. But you know what, the disciples of Jesus and Jesus himself went through way more than we did. You know, [a] part of being a [follower of Christ] is persecution.

“It’s about souls. Yes, I do hope that someone can surrender and repent, or we can help strengthen a Christian who was, maybe, wavering between falling off and just getting stronger for Christ. We help lots of people.”

Channeling well-known Christian group the Westboro Baptist Church, yet another anonymous protester said:

“Just because you go to church does not mean you’ll get into heaven. Most people that go to church are going to hell. You know why? Do you know why? Because they go to church and they’re hypocrites … they say they’re Christian and then they get drunk at the sorority parties; they get drunk at the fraternity parties.

“The only thing you people deserve is hell. You deserve to go to Hell for lying. You deserve to go to hell for stealing. You deserve to go to hell for cheating on your boyfriend. You deserve to go to hell for cheating on your girlfriend. You deserve hell. That’s the only thing you deserve.”

Following the protest the Christian group returned to their anonymous safe space.


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