Idaho Man Admits To Murdering Gay Victim in Hate Crime

An Idaho man has pleaded guilty to luring a gay man into a secluded area and beating him to death.

In court documents, Kelly Schneider admits to luring victim Steven Nelson to a remote area on April 27, 2016 and using steel-toed boots to kick his victim to death.

New York Post reports:

Schneider posted a solicitation for sex on the Backpage website, along with a shirtless photo of himself. Nelson responded to the posting, and the two met that same night. Though Schneider took Nelson’s money, the two didn’t engage in any sexual acts, according to the plea agreement.

“Before the encounter, the defendant told his friends that he was not gay and would not let anyone who was gay touch him,” U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson wrote in the plea agreement.

Schneider contacted Nelson and agreed to meet him at a local Walmart parking lot. There, he asked Nelson to drive to an isolated wildlife area outside of town for a romantic encounter.

Unbeknownst to Nelson, however, Schneider planned a robbery and had two of friends lying in wait at the wildlife area in case Nelson resisted.

As Schneider’s friends remained hidden, Schneider kicked and beat Nelson while taunting him with a gay slur. Then he stripped Nelson and left him at the wildlife area, driving away in Nelson’s car.

Despite being critically injured, Nelson managed to make it to a house about a half-mile away to get help. He was able to describe the attack to police before he died in a hospital a few hours later.

Schneider faces up to life in prison. Three other men are awaiting trial on murder charges in connection with Nelson’s death.


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