Scott Lively Urges Donald Trump To Curb Promotion of Homosexuality: VIDEO

Scott Lively, one of the most extreme anti-gay activists in the U.S., has urged Donald Trump to protect society “from the destructive ‘gay’ agenda.”

Writing for WorldNetDaily, Lively praised the scrubbing of references to the “gay agenda” on the White House website and called for Trump to undermine “sexual orientation regulations” in order to end government “promotion” of homosexuality.

The post reads in part:

In his first few days, President Trump has proved to be an American hero in the mold of President Ronald Reagan, and he should follow Reagan’s lead on “gay” issues. Like Mr. Trump, Ronald Reagan rightly had a high level of respect for homosexuals as persons, but as president, Reagan recognized his duty to protect society from the destructive “gay” agenda, whose goal since the Stonewall Riots of 1969 is not tolerance but absolute cultural supremacy. He fulfilled that duty by appointing the pre-eminent jurist of the 20th century, Antonin Scalia, to the United States Supreme Court. Justice Scalia then wrote the majority opinion in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), which recognized the clear constitutional authority of all 50 states to regulate harmful sexual conduct, specifically including sodomy.


“I propose this playing field be leveled by the establishment of a new legal and policy doctrine creating the ‘Separation of LGBT and State.’ The government should be prohibited from endorsing or promoting LGBT political goals or philosophy in precisely the same way that it is prohibited from promoting religion. Under my policy proposal, individual freedom of speech and association would be preserved, providing a balance between the needs of public health and private rights.


I don’t have a conduit to the Trump administration, but someone reading this article probably does. Please ask President Trump to establish a “Separation of LGBT and State” to take the government’s pro-“gay” thumb off the scale and give the American faith community a fighting chance to restore the natural family to its rightful place as the heart and foundation of our society.

Watch a clip of Russian anti-gay propaganda Sodom in which Lively appears.


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