Russia Bans Arctic Circle ‘Polar Pride’ Event

An LGBT Pride event in Salekhard, Russia has been banned because of the country’s “gay propaganda” laws.

Around 300 people had planned to take part in the march on January 29th in the small town in the Arctic circle.

However, the city administration banned the Polar Pride event because it would be harmful to children’s “health and development.”

Moscow Pride’s Nikolai Alexeyev said “It will, if necessary, be brought to the European Court of Human Rights.”

Stein Sebastian Fredriksen, director of Norway’s Tromsø Arctic Pride, added:

“Putin’s politics on gay and lesbian issues is a breach of human rights.

“It happens in broad daylight and nobody does anything about it. It makes me shocked, it makes me sad.

“Holding Prides in smaller communities is even more important than in bigger cities. In smaller communities, there’s not a lot going on and a lot more prejudice. It’s important to build an identity as a LGBT person and to give the greater society opportunities to celebrate diversity.

“This is one of the best ways to celebrate as well as for societies to get to know each other.”



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