“Ex-Gay” Christian Man Changed After He Met Jesus in a Pub

An “ex-gay” man had told Life how god appeared to him and said “You need to give me your homosexuality completely.”

Described as a former gay rights activist, David Bennett – who works as a speaker with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is also studying for an MPhil in theology and Christian ethics at Oxford – told Christian Today:

“I have always had this strong sense that God has called me to speak out, in a way that’s loving but still truthful. That is the difficult part in this whole thing – what is Christian truth?

“People have quite different views on what that looks like.

“I really understand how gay experience is so important, and how the Church has not taken that into account.”

Gay Conversion Therapy, Including Electroshock Therapy, Is Still Common in Australia

He explains how a friend helped him to meet with god and change his ways:

When he was 19 and at university training to be a journalist, he interviewed a filmmaker and asked her what inspired her. She said it was God.

“I said, ‘I’m homosexual, I don’t think God is interested in me.’ She asked if I had experienced the love of God and offered to pray for me.”

She did, and he had an incredible experience of the Holy Spirit coming upon him. “This was the love I had been reaching for my whole life.  I just felt God breathing me his breath. I said, ‘What is happening to me?’ She said, ‘It is the Holy Spirit. You are being born again. Finally I heard a voice say, ‘Will you accept my son Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?’ I had this long deliberation. I finally said, Yes.”

The love of God turned his whole life upside down.

But he still wasn’t entirely convinced.

He asked God for a sign that He was real. And then, at a film festival, he bumped into his friend again. And she said:  “God is begging me to tell you that he exists.”

At first he remained convinced that gay marriage could be sanctified by God.

“It came down to a moment where God said to me, ‘You need to give me your homosexuality completely.’ I said, ‘Lord, your son died on the Cross for me. I will give you anything.’ So I gave him my homosexuality, and felt that call to celibacy.”

By studying scripture, Bennett “then reached a point where he believed that gay marriage could not be true to the ‘image’ of God in which men and women were created.”

You can read more about Bennett’s testimony at Living Out, a church website run by three evangelical Christians who “experience same-sex attraction but live according to Bible standards.”


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