Seattle Business Owner Threatened With Note In Anti-Gay Hate Crime


The gay owner of a tattoo parlour in Seattle, Washington has been the victim of a hate crime.

A week after the election of Donald Trump, Aaron Amundsen’s friend and business partner found a note which read:

“Hey faggot. We won, so you better watch you’re [sic] back. You’re [sic] days are numberd [sic]. Make America STRAIGHT again to make it GREAT again. You will see, you cock sucker.”

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Amundsen said:

“It was like someone punched me in the gut because I had never experience in my life and I’ve been out since high school. I’ve never experienced something so threatening.”

The Seattle Police LGBT liaison, Officer Jim Ritter added:

“It is clearly a threat based on a threat of the victim’s sexually identity. It’s pre-meditated and the victim was targeted.”

Amundson felt a responsibility to speak out, reports King5:

“I believe it’s my absolute right as a citizen, and as an upstanding person, to say wait a minute – this is not acceptable and don’t let anyone tell you it is.”

He will be one of the speakers at a Community Awareness Forum on hate crimes this evening at 6 p.m. at the Lake City Community Center.


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