Comcast To Broadcast Gay Rights Activist’s Ad Challenging Mormon Church: WATCH

U.S. cable TV provider Comcast has agreed to air an advert challenging the Mormon Church’s tax-exempt status.
Comcast made the decision to approve the ad paid for by gay activist Fred Karger provided he remove an unsubstantiated statement and substantiate four other statements.
According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the one unsubstantiated claim said that the church has more than $1 trillion in assets.
The ad also features young former Mormons asking for tips regarding the church’s “vast business holdings” and “secret political activities,” according to The Inquirer of Philadelphia. It directs viewers to go to to share the information.
Karger, a veteran political strategist who worked in the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush, came out in 2006 and turned his attention to LGBT rights.
The Advocate notes that he “highlighted the Mormon Church’s role in passing California’s anti–marriage equality Proposition 8 in 2008 — the church hierarchy urged members in California to vote for the proposition, and those everywhere to donate money to the campaign to pass it.

“He also has campaigned against the antigay National Organization for Marriage.
Karger himself ran in the Republican presidential primaries in 2012, becoming the first openly gay Republican presidential candidate to get his name on the ballot in several states.
He has continued to denounce the Mormon Church for its antigay policies, which it has toughened in recent years. It not only opposes same-sex relationships — expecting Mormons with such “attractions” to refrain from acting on them — it has begun denying baptism to children being raised by same-sex couples, until they turn 18, and then only if they are no longer living with that couple and denounce their relationship.
And now Karger says he is gathering information on the church’s political activities to build a case against its tax exemption. “We’re really going to dig,” he told the Tribune in December.
The church’s anti-LGBT policies are deeply harmful, he said in that interview, especially to young people. “Somebody has got to fight for these kids,” he said. “It’s inexcusable, the damage and suffering the church has caused for so many of these families.”